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January 17, 2009

Mrs. Riley’s Language Cards

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We spent today making beautiful language cards using Mrs. Riley’s Pagebuilder.  What a terrific, user friendly website.  As my son, put together his Letter A lapbook, I was able to quite efficiently print out our own page of phonetic short-A language cards.  Check it out!!  You can find the pages I put together at the website.  I added my signature “by christinelussier dot com” to the pages I made. is now available as a public beta.  During the public beta Mrs. Riley’s PageBuilder is free to use.

Hurry, while it’s still free!

May you find peace in His loving will,

January 14, 2009

An Alphabet of the Altar page 2

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Stands for Altar

An Alphabet of the Altar

Over the next few weeks months, I will be sharing beautiful illustrations of An Alphabet of the Altar.  My children have been busily coloring and tracing these beautiful pages of E. Vincent Wareing.  When providing art materials I provide the best materials we can afford.  My younger children have enjoyed using the Beeswax Block Crayons (Set of 8) We had a box of free restaurant crayons and random Crayolas.  I sometimes wondered if the only purpose of these crayons was to be broken, peeled and dropped throughout the house.  The beautiful Stockmar crayons have a place on the shelf and with only one of each color, a lost crayon is certainly missed.  Without exception, my children show more respect for materials of higher quality.  With only one set, great care is taken to keep them intact.  Prismacolor Colored Woodcase Pencils are preferred by my older children.  I introduce pencils to the children at about four years of age.  During their 3rd year they work with various Montessori practical life and sensorial materials.  By the age of four they should have developed a proper pincer grip and are ready for pencils.  We’ve tried several different types of pencils including the ones by Nienhuis and Crayola.  Prismacolor Pencils are the nicest pencils we’ve used.  Children can so easily tell the difference between materials that demand respect and offer beautiful results as opposed to materials of such poor quality that they break under the slightest pressure.

Follow this link for the first pdf of An Alphabet of the Altar.

n Alphabet of the Altar Coloring and Tracing Page 1

May you find peace in His loving Will,


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